What are the Advantages of Internet Advertising?


what are the Advantages of Internet Advertising


Advantages of Internet Advertising – More than 3.5 billion people worldwide are internet-connected. If you own or manage a business, you cannot ignore the internet if you wish to build your brand, reach far more prospective customers, and generate additional sales.

And while there are some disadvantages to marketing online, for most businesses, the advantages of internet marketing greatly outweigh the disadvantages. 


1. Easy Access to Target Audience

Is there anyone you’re familiar with that’s not online? Even if your business does not own and operate a website, you can still use social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter – so that your products or your services are available to your target audience.


2. Targeting the Right Consumers

If you use Facebook, Google Ads, or a number of alternative ways to advertise your business, you can very closely target the ‘right’ people – those individuals that are most likely to buy your offerings.

Internet advertising is much more targeted than advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, or on television, so, essentially, you’ll get far better bang for your buck


3. Internet Advertising is Far More Cost-Effective

As was alluded to in the above point, internet advertising is far more affordable than traditional methods of advertising. Why so?

Ad production costs

While there is, of course, a cost to advertising online, the costs, in comparison to, say, advertising on television or radio are far less.

Not keenly targeted

Traditional advertising was and still is much more about slinging the mud against the wall and seeing how much of it sticks. With internet advertising, you no longer take this ‘slinging of mud’ approach since your ads can be keenly directed towards your target audience.


4. Monitor Spending

A 30-minute TV ad can cost many, many thousands of dollars. The ad may well be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of prospective buyers, but how many people actually buy? The problem here is that the ad is being broadcast to a huge target audience with all kinds of demographics going on. A 25-year-old male college grad is likely not going to be interested in the same products as a 35-year-old stay-at-home mom. 

Of course, you can also invest many thousands of dollars into your online advertising campaigns. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Plus, your audience will very likely be far more targeted than what you can achieve with a TV ad.


5. Ability to Scale

Another one of the many advantages of internet advertising is the capacity for scaling business operations. It’s all possible with an efficient website infrastructure and solid internet connectivity whereby numerous transactions from around the world can occur simultaneously. Regardless of the number of transactions, there’s no risk of diminished customer satisfaction.


6. Easily Track Results

Through digital advertising, you can easily monitor and track your campaigns. Want to find out how many leads converted to sales? Done! Want to find out which platform is generating the most sales? Done! Want to learn which demographic is actually spending on your products or services? Done! Advertising online allows you to closely monitor and track so you can measure the return on your investment and ramp up your campaigns as you see fit.


7. Operating on a 24/7 Basis

Online businesses can attract attention from around the globe. This means that to fully benefit from this 24/7 exposure, online businesses must remain open for business on a 24/7 basis.

Fortunately, unlike franchises such as McDonald’s and 7/11, online businesses do not need to employ staff to fill shelves, serve customers, etc. Rather, with online shopping cart integration, it’s now possible to sell to your customers even when you’re sleeping.


8. Convenient 

Among the key advantages of internet advertising is that it’s amazingly convenient. Consumers are able to buy from any shop around the globe, providing the retailer has an online presence. You can enjoy shopping from home or when at the office during break times.


9. After-Sales Relationship

Marketing online allows you to more easily build after-sales relationships with your customers. Online marketers can ask customers for their name, email address, home address, telephone number. In turn, this allows easy follow-up. 


10. Tweak for Optimum Results

Advertising inevitably calls for at least some tweaking so the optimum results can be achieved and the best return on ad spend is made. In comparison to traditional advertising methods, online advertising allows for easier modification. Plus, there doesn’t need to be any website downtime, no interruption of service. Modification to online adverts can be achieved seamlessly. 


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