What are the Benefits of Renting a Car?


benefits of car rental


While this article isn’t merely about the benefits of car hire if you’re fortunate enough to be going on holiday, if this is the reason you need to hire, the benefits of renting a car can be huge. 

When you don’t have the right transport, your travel plans can quickly turn to disappointment leading to frustration. Relying on public transport, even more so in a location you’re not familiar with – even more so when you’re abroad – can be something akin to a nightmare.

Public transport isn’t generally the most convenient alternative. There are taxis, but regular taxi rides can amount to a hefty amount of cash.

The convenience of having a rental car at your disposal is undeniable, regardless of whether you’re going to use it for pleasure or for business. 



Choose What You Need

When you rent a car you make your rental choice depending on the size you need, perhaps based on the cost of the vehicle and more. The point is, you get to choose. 

Possibly you’re going to travel together with family and/or friends. Go for the larger-sized vehicle. 

Maybe you need to hire a vehicle for business on occasion. Again, it’s up to you about the size you require. 



Enjoy the Freedom

When you’re on holiday and you choose to hire a car, you’ll be able to explore all those off-the-beaten-track locations that you most likely wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Sure, a pushbike will get you out and about but if the location is far from your hotel or rental home, chances are you’ll never get there on a pushbike. 

Then there’s the train, public buses, perhaps an underground tube train, and the like. 

They are all limited options and tend to be good for city travel or between city and town travel. 

With a rental car, you stop when and where you wish. Hungry? Stop off at a restaurant during your travels. Witnessed a beautiful waterfall as you were driving along the road? Why not park up and take some photos.

You could, of course, hire a taxi, but again, taxis are useful for A to B journeys. To hire a taxi for a day? Well, how much is it going to cost?

Hiring and traveling in a car gives you the freedom you don’t have when journeying with other forms of transport.



Saves Time

When you have a car to use, it’s a whole lot faster than relying on public transport. 



Renting a Car Comes with Lower Costs

When you rent a car you don’t have to be concerned with fees related to maintenance and there’s no value depreciation either. 

If your car usage is intermittent and you perhaps only need it once every week or so, it’s definitely a wise move to avoid buying a car. This way you don’t incur servicing fees, MOT fees, and insurance fees. 



Creature Comfort

If you opt to hire, you can travel at your own pace and avoid being dictated to about time of departure/time of arrival, etc. 

Hanging around waiting for buses or trains to arrive can be frustrating. Plus, in some countries, there’s no guarantee that the bus or train will arrive anytime soon. 

Further, you have the space inside the car to make yourself comfortable, albeit some cars are smaller than others. If you want to lounge in the back seats, go for it. If you wish to take your golf clubs, pop them in the trunk. Going for a picnic at some distant beach? Pop the goodies into the trunk. 

Additionally, if you want to listen to some music, or you don’t want to listen to some music, it’s your call. If you need air conditioning set on high, go ahead. If you require more heat, crank up the heater. 

Once more, car hire gives you so much more flexibility than public transport ever can. 



A to B Transportation

No hopping on and off different buses or trains to reach your final destination when you hire a car. 


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