6 Benefits of Renting a Dumpster


benefits of renting a dumpster


Any job that involves dumping garbage whether the job involves construction, moving home, or whatever, will be more efficient and move along more quickly with a dumpster on site. With a sturdy container to safely handle all your trash and debris, you as well as your employees, if you do have employees, can focus on getting the job done. And when you’re finished, the waste will be taken off your hands and hauled away to a certified facility.


When you use a dumpster rental service you’ll have a dumpster for the entire duration of your project at the location of your project. Your rental period can range from a single day to weeks.

Whenever the dumpster is full, the dumpster rental company will pick it up, take it away, and you’ll get a fresh one to replace it.

Dumpsters are particularly versatile as you can dispose of any items in it as long as they are not liquid-based and they are non-hazardous. Anything from construction debris to roofing materials, items from demolition, household trash, and bulky furniture – will all go inside your rented dumpster.

Dumpster rentals are not only suited to large-scale projects; they can fit in with a variety of project sizes. Smaller projects such as cleaning out your garage or attic, remodeling part of your house, or dealing with a flooded basement, they can all benefit from having a dumpster on site. Just select the right size of dumpster to suit your needs.


So let’s consider a further 6 benefits of renting a dumpster.



Pros of Renting a Dumpster

1. Protection of Property

If you’ve opted to pile debris at the curb or on the project site, there’s every chance that damage of some kind or another will occur, regardless of how careful you and your employees are. With a dumpster, there’s not going to be an issue. Simply bring all the debris to the dumpster and avoid any potential damage to property.


2. Perfect Size

When you have a dumpster onsite, all your efforts can be devoted to the work at hand, rather than having to drive off to the dumping site to take the trash away. You can get a container that’s 5 yards square or something that’s 50 yards square. Whatever you need, there’s a dumpster to fit the bill. 


3. Efficient Job Site

With a designated area to dispose of unwanted items, there’s no need for the people working on site to sort and then deliberate where to place those items. There’s no need to spend time moving dangerous objects around and worrying about storing them away temporarily. 


4. Workplace Safety

With a dumpster onsite, you don’t have to worry about hauling away heavy or sharp debris. Once your garbage is inside the dumpster it’s out of harm’s way.


5. Environmentally Friendly

By hiring a dumpster to rid your project site of unwanted items and materials, you are, in effect, cutting down on carbon emissions. Rather than making multiple trips and using more gasoline to transport waste away from your site, renting a dumpster means convenient disposal and removal of waste in a single trip. Because the collection and disposal of waste is safe and efficient, in effect, you are reducing your carbon footprint which in turn helps our planet.



6. Peace of Mind

Job completed? The company you rented the dumpster from will take it from there and dispose of the waste in accordance with laws and regulations in an environmentally friendly way. 



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