Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit


Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit



Perhaps you’ve been thinking about renting but what are the actual benefits of renting a storage unit? 

Live in a small apartment? Cozy, yes, but possibly a bit cramped. So you can store your stuff in a storage unit to avoid the stress of clutter. 

Moving home? You’ll maybe want to rent a storage unit so you can store your belongings until you are properly settled. 

There are various forms of storage units available, including personal and business storage, climate-controlled, wine storage, and storage for boats and RVs. Regardless of what you want to store, a rented storage unit will keep your belongings safe and sound. 

So what are the key benefits of renting a storage unit? Let’s consider those now. 



Moving Home

One of the most common reasons for renting a storage unit is moving home. A storage unit provides you with a very convenient location in which you can store your items in a safe manner. It may be advisable to utilize a month-to-month contract on your storage unit when you’re relocating. This way, there’s no long-term commitment and you’ll keep costs down. 



Selling a Home

If you’re selling your home or helping to sell someone else’s home, you may benefit from storage rental to reduce the amount of clutter. It’s either that or you might have to trash some of your goods – goods that you may regret trashing at a later date. 

For the most part, homeowners like to go for a smaller rental unit, such as a 5 x 10 or a 7.5 x 10.

When you rent a storage unit if you’re selling up you’re home it’s a great way to make the home look all the more attractive to potential buyers. There’s no doubt that in this case, renting a storage unit is a terrific investment!



Storing Family Heirlooms

If you inherit family heirlooms perhaps on the demise of a relative, and you don’t know where you’re going to put those heirlooms, renting a storage unit over the longer term can provide an excellent solution. 

Items such as fine art, furniture, and much more often have financial value as well as sentimental value. These are the sort of items you’ll possibly wish to keep over your own lifetime.

But these items aren’t always everyday household items, and as such, finding space for them in your home isn’t always easy. Locating them in your garage or attic isn’t always the answer due to the delicate nature of heirlooms. In this case, you’ll perhaps want to consider investing in climate-controlled storage. 

Talking from my own experience, when my aging parents moved to a smaller abode, sadly, I was not around to monitor what they held onto and what they gave away to charity. While I’m all for giving to charity, some of my own belongings that they were storing were not only of sentimental value to me but also had high monetary value. 

Among those items? Two Boosey and Hawkes wood clarinets; a number of first-edition comic books that were over 30 years old. A variety of toys that were still boxed and untouched that were more than 40 years old. Some books that I myself inherited – books that were likely well over 80 years old. My stamp collection. My plate collection. I could go on… Little did I know at the time, they all went to charity. 

If I had been consulted, I would have rented a small storage unit for all of those items. Alas, it wasn’t to be. A great loss indeed, but hopefully some people gained a lot of pleasure from my loss 🙂



Protect Outdoor Items

Not everywhere has the luxury of year-round idyllic weather like Florida. But even in Florida, the heat from the sun can be damaging. 

To protect belongings when not in use such as outdoor furniture, RVs, and more, you might wish to think about renting interior storage space. This way, your items will have all the protection they need from rain, snow, ice, hot sunshine, and possibly also hurricanes. 



Reducing or Eliminating Clutter

Too much clutter, be it on your desk or in your home in general can cause stress. I know it all too well – my wife seems to thrive in clutter, where I can’t stand it. Perhaps I should put my wife in rented storage to reduce the clutter 😉

Seriously, though, clutter forms a stimulus to our senses, and with extra clutter, our minds work on overtime. Apparently, clutter also signals our brains that there’s more work to be done. As humans, we tend to be more creative, more productive in uncluttered spaces.

Compare the cost involved in renting a storage unit to the costs involved in attempting to reduce our stress levels through massages, visits to the spa, going on vacation, and much more – what appears to be the better investment? 

Renting a nearby storage unit for your more seasonal items can be a great investment simply as a way to reduce the clutter in and around your home. By doing this, you’re potentially also reducing your stress levels. 



Storing Collectables

Similar to the point above – Storing Family Heirlooms – the storage of collectibles is another reason why you might wish to consider renting storage space. 

Perhaps you have similar tastes to me – you like to collect old toys, old musical instruments, plates, stamps, and the like. Maybe you have a lot of trophies. Whatever your passion, ensuring those items are well-protected is of paramount importance to maintaining their health, well-being, and financial value. 

If you wish to store a record collection, books, electronics, clothing, or antiques, you’ll want climate-controlled storage whereby each storage unit comes with its own ventilation system. In this way, you’ll get the optimal environmental conditions. Any items that can be adversely impacted by moisture or temperature will need to be stored in climate-controlled conditions. 



Secure Location

Most companies that offer rental storage units also offer excellent security measures to boot. What sort of security measures, you ask? 

  • Color digital CTV cameras that record on a 24/7 basis. 
  • Specialist alarm systems that even go so far as to protect every individual storage unit doorway.
  • If it’s a large storage facility, you’ll also get security guards regularly patrolling the grounds. 
  • Locks that only you have access to. 
  • Automatic lighting throughout hallways. 



Storage for Businesses

Storage units can be an ideal choice for shop owners, offices, and many more businesses. What do business storage units offer?

Security: Round-the-clock surveillance, coded gates, fireproofing, and perimeter fences.

Convenience: Busy can access their business storage whenever they require.

Economy: Being able to free up space without rushing into a pricey commercial property contract means business owners can save funds and grow on their own terms.

Proximity: Nothing beats the time and energy saved with business storage located where it is most convenient.

Organization: Things are a lot easier to manage when you’re not dealing with a cluttered workspace or a tiny, cramped “back room” where the fall inventory gets stuffed under the Christmas signage.

Access: Being able to drive up for quick access and avoiding ever having to lug boxes up and downstairs is a huge benefit to business owners.



Wine Storage

As much as I like wine, I don’t think I’d ever want to store it – I prefer to drink it. But for specialty wines and champagnes such as Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992, with a current value of $500,000, or Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945, valued at $310,000, you might want to think about renting secure storage facilities. 

Specialty wine storage vaults are designed with high-end restaurant owners, wine collectors, and wine connoisseurs being the primary customers. 

Wine storage units are maintained with a relative humidity of between 60% and 75% and at a temperature of around 55 degrees F – the perfect conditions in order to preserve subtle flavors that come with each individual vintage.



There are numerous reasons why renting a storage unit is of benefit and makes a good investment. Whatever your own reasons are, with a good-quality storage unit and a good-quality storage unit service, your items will be in the exact same condition when you remove them as they were on the day you first stored them. 


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