What Are the Benefits of Renting Furniture?


Benefits of Renting Furniture



Do you really like paying for items that you use on a daily basis that you’re never going to own outright? Should you really rent furniture? 

Actually, you may be surprised, at least with respect to some of the benefits of renting furniture. 

You may be living alone. Perhaps you’re a student. Might be that you’re a home stager. Whatever your circumstances, renting furniture is a very affordable option, and works very well particularly if your furniture requirements are of a temporary nature. 

For many of us, furniture buying is a very long, drawn-out process. Some of us can take several years to make up our minds about the furniture we want, and over that time, we can spend a small fortune. 

Buying furniture is frequently considered the only way to get the furniture you want for your home. That, though, is not the case. 

Not so many consumers actually consider renting furniture, but, as mentioned, there are many advantages to doing so, including anything from saving money to helping to save the environment. 

Let’s check out the benefits of renting furniture now.



Benefit #1. Swap Over Your Furniture Whenever You Want

You have persistent access to new furniture styles and renting furniture is a great way to keep up with the latest interior trends. Furniture rental companies allow you to swap over your furniture whenever you want. 


Benefit #2. You Can Mix and Match Styles

When you buy furniture, you can’t really mix and match styles around to see what works for you and your home. When you rent furniture, you can easily mix and match items around until you’re entirely content with your options. 


Benefit #3. It’s a Highly Eco-Friendly Alternative

Over 10 million tons of used furniture ends up in landfills on a yearly basis. Companies that rent out furniture restore their goods over and over so they are able to provide their customers with pieces that are like-new. This, in turn, saves a lot of natural resources. It also reduces deforestation in countries such as Brazil. Deforestation causes the extinction of animals, soil erosion, an increase in carbon dioxide levels, and a reduction in rainfall. Cutting down trees can directly or indirectly affect human health. Due to the lack of oxygen, people may suffer from breathing problems.


Benefit #4. There’s No Assembly 

Because you don’t have to hang around waiting for your furniture to be assembled, and because you don’t have to put your furniture together yourself, there’s no waiting for weeks for the delivery and you won’t suffer from the frustration of trying to follow a poor-quality ‘How to Assemble’ manual. 

All the furniture that’s currently available to you is situated in one single warehouse so you simply choose what you want and it’s delivered straight to your door at a time that suits you best. 

Or, if you have the facilities, you can take the furniture away with you there and then. Plus, when you’re done with it, you have the option of returning the furniture to the rental company. 

Furniture rental companies will typically assemble and disassemble your chosen furniture when it’s delivered and when you want to return it. When you buy furniture, sometimes the seller will simply arrange to drop it off at your home without assembling it. If you purchase via the likes of Amazon, another commonplace alternative for buying furniture, you’ll certainly have to assemble it yourself. 


Benefit #5. It’s an Economical Option

When you rent furniture there’s no large expense up front. This makes it a thoroughly cost-effective solution whether your living situation is short term or long term. Plus, there’s no long-term commitment when you rent furniture, which cannot be said for furniture you buy. 

There are some furniture rental companies that provide entire home furnishing packages for no more than $190 per month. These packages come complete with bedroom, living room, and dining room furnishings so that you have everything you need to make your home a perfectly livable environment.

For a small additional charge, you can even get the company to provide you with kitchen essentials, electronics, bed linens, and other items to make your accommodation feel very much like home. For anyone that’s in need of furniture for only a few months, it’s a great option in comparison to purchasing furniture.


Benefit #6. No Need to Move or Sell Your Furniture

Perhaps your work demands that you relocate on a regular basis? By renting furniture, you can remain as mobile with respect to your living habits as you like. There’s no need to move your furniture from one home to another. There’s no need to sell it either. Furthermore, if you wish, you can extend your furniture rental contract if you need to.


Benefit #7. There’s No Heaving Your Furniture Around

We all know from experience that moving furniture around can be hard work. If you don’t have the right equipment you might have to spend hours simply getting your furniture into the room that you want it. Then, if you reside in an upstairs apartment, well, that can mean even more hard work and sweat, perhaps even tears of frustration.

So, if you’ve purchased furniture, or you want to move furniture from one location to another, what are your options for having it delivered/moved? You can:

    • If you’re a glutton for punishment, move the furniture yourself
    • Ask family and/or friends to help you with the move
    • Hire a moving company
    • Have the seller deliver and install your furniture

When you purchase, the final option is, for obvious reasons the most popular. You don’t have to ask for help from family or friends, and you don’t have to call on the services of a separate company.

Most furniture sellers offer a delivery service, but with rental furniture, delivery isn’t the only easy part of the equation – as mentioned above, assembly is as well.


Benefit #8. Rent-to-Own 

If you do wish to own your own furniture at a later date, an affordable way of achieving this is by utilizing your furniture company’s rent-to-own program. Many furniture rental companies offer rent-to-own programs to their customers. 


Benefit #9. Home Staging

When you rent furniture if you decide to sell your home you don’t have to store any of your items prior to staging. Simply inform the rental company to come and collect whatever you don’t want. Additionally, if you feel that you’re home’s looking a bit cluttered, you don’t have to throw any furniture in the trash. 


Benefits of Renting Furniture – Benefit #10. It’s a Simple Process

Renting furniture generally involves fast, professional delivery and pickup. The ordering process is straightforward and thoroughly convenient. In this way, it’s a stress-free method to furnish your home with exactly what you want and at a price to suit. 



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