What are the Pros About Being a Teacher?


advantages of being a teacher


There are numerous reasons why people become teachers because there are many pros about being a teacher.

Most, if not all of us have enjoyed the pleasure of having had a teacher that was inspirational. A teacher that perhaps in some way or another has made a contribution to who we are today.

What bigger draw can there be than having the capacity to alter the lives of others in a beneficial way?

Another of the benefits of becoming a teacher is that no day is the same. Each day is different from the last so the work doesn’t become boring.

Lesson plans may be at the ready, but there’s a certain level of flexibility required as a teacher since it’s impossible to tell what the day ahead will hold in store. 

Let’s now find out ten of the advantages of being a teacher actually are.



Pros About Being a Teacher – Long-Term Job Stability

For the time being, at least, the United States is experiencing a large shortage of qualified teachers. In turn, this means that upon graduation, jobs are not only readily available but the chances are, once you land work, your teaching career will likely remain stable. Teachers, after all, will always be required and there’s no chance that technology is going to replace the work of a teacher – not anytime soon. 

If you’re a man and you’ve graduated as a teacher, you’ll be happy to know that in the United States, male teachers are especially in demand, and in any kind of discipline. 


Salary and Benefits Are Improving – Slowly

There’s a strong argument that teachers, in general, are not paid enough. The National Education Association estimates that average U.S. teaching salaries for the 2020-21 school year were $65,090. That represents an increase over the prior year of 1.5%.

As for starting teacher salaries, the average for 2019-20 was $41,163, representing an increase of 2.5 percent over 2018-19.

It’s not great but much of the ‘blame’ for the lacking can surely be placed on the shoulders of the Covid pandemic.

Teachers do, in fact, earn 13% more than the average salary across the nation so it’s definitely not at all bad.

Furthermore, teachers that add an endorsement to their current undergraduate degree or teachers that have a master’s degree do qualify for higher pay.

Here’s a rundown of average salaries paid to teachers on a per-state basis: Average teacher salary per state.

What about the benefits? Being a teacher comes with some important benefits, not least of which are pension plans and health insurance.

These benefits are slowly but surely becoming scarcer in very many alternative professions, but you get to enjoy both if you’re a teacher. 

For most teachers, their premiums are fully paid by the school district. Health, vision, and dental benefits for teachers are among the finest there are.



Benefits to Becoming a Teacher – Decent Hours

Students only spend six hours each day in school, meaning that teachers enjoy decently short working hours – most certainly so when compared to corporate world employees. This means that teachers enjoy more family time, and they get more time to do what they want and need in their personal lives. 

Yes, parent-teacher conferences do take up more time. Grading homework also takes time. The attendance of activities after school as well. Nevertheless, in general, you’ll still get plenty of time to enjoy life outside of work. 



Advantages for Being a Teacher – Love What You Do

Teachers can pick and choose the subject or subjects they wish to teach, at least at high school level. Then, the additional benefit is that as a teacher you can pass on knowledge to your students – knowledge about subjects that you have a true passion for.

Further, when your students or a student picks up a new and challenging concept that you’re teaching, that’s particularly rewarding, for the student as well as for you, the teacher. Your students are placing their trust in you so that they may succeed. When you do succeed, it’s a great feeling for everyone. 



Working With Children

For many, the reason they are attracted to teaching in the first place is the opportunity to work with children. And for many, one of the great things about working with kids is that they are unpredictable meaning every day is different since you’ll never really know how kids are going to behave and what they will say.



Having Your Say

While you may not be your own boss, unless you teach from home or teach online, when you teach in class you are the boss of that class. This means you can make the decision as to the management of your students. You can decide how to manage your classroom. You’re the boss of your lessons. You get to decide how the curriculum is taught, at least to some extent. 



Have an Influence on Generations to Come

Another of the many pros about being a teacher is that you as the teacher will have an influence on your students for generations to come. It will impact their future. Yet another key reason why many teachers do opt to become teachers!



Advantages to Being a Teacher – Plenty of Time Off

Teachers are undoubtedly overworked. Teachers only work 190 days a year. Teachers get the entire weekend off.

Teachers enjoy all of the major holidays. Teachers get the summer months off, though it may well be that there is some spillover of work.

If you have kids, as a teacher, essentially you share the same schedule, and that no doubt will be highly beneficial. 




There are a wide variety of challenges involved in teaching. There are high standards to meet, there are budgets to meet, and much more.

In turn, and due to these challenges, the job is more varied, and at least for many, though not all, that makes life more exciting.



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